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Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones...

But Your Words Can Break My Heart

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<td colspan I am a pie. An insane pie. Which means that i am not human. No, really..i am a pie. A strawberry pie to be exact. Interests- OK! Interests! I'm basically a gamer girl, I love all sorts of games, especially RPG's, any Mario games, Zelda games, racing and shooting games. I also like drawing, writing, **ha, look in my fan fic. part** and..cooking. ^^ My favortie computer game would probably be The Sims ( with the expanison packs), Sims 2,and the Sim's Online. Oh yeah, and I also like Half Life two, with the headcrabs. But I call those things chickens. ^^ Oh, and starwars totally rules all. Music- I personally think that there are a couple good songs in each Genre. But my all time favorite bands would definetly be- Jewel, The White Stripes, Madonna, Les Sans Cullotes (sp), Daft Punk, Linkin Park, Liz Phair, Micheal Jackson, Greenday, Kylie Minouge, Teri Clark, DJ Spooky, Evanesence, James Talyor, Five For Fighting, Drowing Pool, Auf Der Maur, Antrax, Disturbed, and Metallica.
soul calibur is love